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Overcoming Approval Addiction

There is an increase in insecurity in society today and social media are not to blame!

Although spending too much time engaging in social media can have an influence on how you feel about yourself, the root-cause of insecurity in people is lack of self-worth. They believe they are not enough.

Many people suffer from an unhealthy need for affirmation because they are not capable of feeling good about themselves. They seek their value from the outside world because they can't find it within themselves. When this happens, we end up trading our authenticity for approval. We lose ourselves!

Our job is to live with integrity and continuously choose to be who we are rather than who other people might want us to be. Understanding the specific character traits that stimulate approval addiction and how our past is often a factor in our behavior - is a major step in overcoming our insecurities. And this is what you can explore in a Hypnotherapy Session.

Only by taking conscious steps toward accepting ourselves and examining our motives, can we finally begin to break the chains of insecurity and move toward a life free from emotional pain.

Begin now to overcome your approval addiction by taking an honest look at who you are and how you feel about yourself. 🌟


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