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Why State Management May Be the Most Important Skill You Ever Learn

Your tiniest emotion, no matter how seemingly inconsequential it appears, has a significant effect on your being. Feelings, thoughts, perceptions have a far reaching effect on our lives. They affect more than just our subconscious and minds, they can have physically debilitating effects on individuals. Your mood is capable of placing you in harm’s way or pushing you into impulsive actions. Being in a bad state of mind, riddled with bad thoughts and negative energy will translate proportionally to other aspects of your life. Your actions and behavior takes on a negative spin, you stop working hard and succumb to the negative thoughts that have clouded your mind. Being aware of your emotional state and gaining the ability to control what emotions you’re feeling and your reaction to them, is what is referred to as state management.

State management simply means controlling your emotional state using certain physical and psychological exercises. All of our feelings, thoughts and moods are a result of our physical actions or our interactions with our immediate environment. Learning to take control of our body and the way we d to external stimuli will create a radical improvement in our quality of life. The way we feel is directly linked to some sort of physical stimuli- it may be a lack of sleep; a sensation of pain; illnesses and injury. Our emotions are a manifestation of our physiological state. State management is you deciding to take control of your brain’s response to these physical triggers.

Often, we find yourselves stuck n a negative loop. We encounter failures and disappointment due to the negative inclination of our thought process. Focus is a important part of state management- the emotions, or feelings you focus on, are what your brain is going to nudge you towards. If you have constant self-doubting thoughts or continuously focus on what a failure you are, there is no conceivable way to snap out of this negativity, unless you change your state. When you have a defeatist attitude, your brain responds by producing impulses that fit into that narrative- you become sad, lethargic, depressed and angry. Changing your entire thought proceeds to eliminate these negative feelings and allows your brain release more positive energy.

Learning to change your emotional plays a huge role in all aspects of our lives. From business to interpersonal relationships, even our academic pursuits. The ability to instantly change our emotional state from one of gloom to that of hope and joy will improve our lives and our interactions with others. There is no way to engage positively with others when your emotional state is that of despair or depression. This places a limit on your productivity, energy and motivation, leading to a downturn in fortunes due to inaction and poor choices. State management will help you gain a new sense of possibility and a boost in personal motivation. If you have doubts about yourself, you cannot expect to make meaningful gains.

A poor emotional state will lead to an inability to achieve your personal goals. A person who has a poor self-image of himself finds it hard to embark on a self improvement journey. You have to change how you deal with your perceived flaws, engaging in positive motivation rather than self-degrading questioning. Do not constantly think negative thoughts or ask negative questions of yourself. Rather, focus your energy towards nudging yourself in the direction of your goals. Do not dwell on your circumstances, otherwise they will take total control of your life. You must take charge of the way you respond to events, negative or positive. Learning how you can turn negative energy around through state management will help you avoid dwelling on setbacks on the road to your goals.

State management is an all encompassing as at involves a radical overhaul of your thought process and your behavioral patterns. Your physiological and emotional state can have either a positive or negative effect on your life, depending on how you manage it. Adopt state management today, in order to garner some measure of control over the happenings in your life. Do not let your environment control your emotional state, with state management you can control your response to events, that would otherwise, subject you to an outburst of negativity.

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