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Lack of Memory - When We Dissociate

Do you have a period of your life where you just can’t remember? Whether it was a part of your childhood, or a period during your teenage years, people who experience a traumatic event will often have some degree of dissociation during the event itself or in the following hours, days or weeks. Dissociation is a mental process of disconnecting from one’s thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity.

It could have been a fight or an argument you saw your parents having when you were little or if you had a hard time during school or a breakup or something else.

When we experience suffering, the first thing we do is disconnect from reality.

We disconnect from our feelings so we don't feel them.

We disconnect from our thoughts so we aren't thinking about them.

We disconnect from our bodies so we don't feel them.

We disconnect from our personal desires so we forget our personal truth.

We don’t do all of this because we want to. We become disconnected because we think there’s no other way. IT’S A DEFENSE MECHANISM!

As a result, we may be triggered by present situations in life and feel powerless, lost and confused, like you can’t think straight or focus on what’s important. 😔

If that sounds like something you’ve experienced, Regression can help you identify the cause of the dissociation and allow you to move forward to a more empowered life. 🌸


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